Coldplay Has Planted Five Million Trees So Far on Their Current Tour

Coldplay’s “Music of the Spheres World Tour” has planted FIVE MILLION trees SO FAR . . . one for each attendee. It’s part of their environmental and sustainability initiatives.

The tour kicked off in March of last year, and ends this November. So there’s still plenty of time for more trees.

In a tour update, they also said they’ve reduced carbon dioxide emissions by 47% compared to their last tour in 2016. Their goal is to reduce it by 50%.

Quote, “Now that we’re into the second year of the tour, we’ve started to run the entire show (audio, lights, and lasers) from an electric battery system that allows us to use 100% renewable energy as efficiently as possible . . .

“We have been using electric vehicles and alternative fuels wherever we can, as well as reducing waste and plastic usage to a minimum.”

Their shows also have exercise bikes and kinetic dance floors so fans can help power the stage.