Glynnis Jones | Shuttershock
Glynnis Jones | Shuttershock

David Blaine Says Stunts Like Eating Glass Have Caused Him Some Major Health Problems.

Who would have thought that eating glass could be bad for you? Certainly not illusionist and actual glass eater David Blaine. In an In Depth with Graham Bensinger interview, the magician discussed the various health issues he’s having as a result of years of the stunts he’s performed. Magic is not real, it turns out. Blaine has been working as a record-breaking illusionist since the late 90s.

“I think metabolism took a hit,” Blaine told Bensinger when asked about health issues related to his career. “Probably from all the breath-holding, they say short-term memory loss but short-term memory rebuilds itself, apparently. And then I would guess the unknowns from eating glass, kerosene, these things. There’s a lot of residual effects I don’t know about yet,” he said.

A clip in the interview shows that eating glass has almost destroyed Blaine’s teeth: a dentist tells him that nerves are almost exposed. But decaying teeth is not the only side effect.

“There’s a chemical in the glass,’ Blaine said. “So the chemical that they use to make glass is also going into your body so, not the best idea.” A man living with regret! Blaine added that now that he has a daughter, he doesn’t want to take the same risks anymore. “The way I approach things is very different, very calculated,” he said.

So don’t expect Blaine to perform a dangerous stunt such as shooting himself or eating Meryl Streep’s wine glass any time soon, or ever again.