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Demi Lovato overdosed in 2018, leaving her with three strokes and a heart attack as a result. Now, the singer is opening up about the brain damage caused that still affects her today.

Lovato revealed the news publicly in her Demi Lovato: Dancing With the Devil docuseries. The series will debut on YouTube Originals on March 23 and comes in four parts.

In the trailer for the docuseries, Lovato opens up about the brain damage she faces everyday. “I was left with brain damage, and I still deal with the effects of that today,” she said in a video call on Wednesday, according to ABC News.

“I don’t drive a car because I have blind spots in my vision. For a long time, I had a really hard time reading. It was a big deal when I was able to read a book, which was like two months later because my vision was so blurry,” she continued.

However, Lovato’s limitations serve as a reminder to herself. She reveals that the lasting repercussions “are still there to remind me of what could happen if I ever get into a dark place again.”