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Did Mike Myers Want to Cut the “Bohemian Rhapsody” Scene from “Wayne’s World”?

“Wayne’s World” was obviously a classic. But it might have been a little LESS of a classic if Mike Myers had his way. Director Penelope Spheeris remembers clashing with Mike over some key scenes.

Right around the time they were finished putting the movie together, Mike’s father died, so he had to go back to Canada for the funeral, So he missed early test screenings in front of audiences.

Those screenings went really well, but Mike didn’t see that. Instead, he watched the movie by himself, and wrote 11 pages of notes. Many were suggestions for CUTS. And Penelope says, quote, “Most of them sucked.”

One of the scenes he wanted to cut is arguably the one that MADE THE MOVIE. Yes, the “Bohemian Rhapsody” scene.

Penelope strongly opposed Mike’s ideas, and went to the producers. They didn’t want to get involved, so SHE had to tell him she didn’t agree with his cuts. And because of that, she was NOT invited back to direct “Wayne’s World 2”.

And she and Myers never spoke again, even though they’d known each other since 1976.

Penelope did walk away with bragging rights, though. “Wayne’s World” was basically released the way SHE wanted . . . and it made $183 million . . . which would be $400 million with inflation.

“Wayne’s World 2” only made $48 million, or $102 million today.