Beware if you head “South of the Border” in Ed Sheeran’s new star-studded music video released Friday (Oct. 4) with Camila Cabello and Cardi B. The singers — who play Teddy Fingers (Sheeran), The Mariposa (Cabello) and Cardi B (herself) — recruit model Alexis Ren as Scarlet Jones and actor/dancer Paul Karmiryan as Agent X for the action-packed clip.

Dubbed “a frivolous spy film,” the “South of the Border” video first takes place in a luxurious mansion where Ren slips something into Sheeran’s drink, casting a sleeping spell on him before blindfolding him and tying him to a chair in the library. There she finds a prized ruby necklace secretly locked away in a book.

After Karmiryan loses the red-veiled thief in a high-speed car chase, the search for the necklace takes him south of the border — specifically Sayulita, Mexico, according to the coordinates.

Awaiting him is Cabello, who seduces but fails to capture him when he spots Ren red-handed with the rubies around her neck. The secondary chase takes place in a pool with an underwater tunnel, but much to Karmiryan’s surprise, Cabello finally catches him.

Later, in an unknown location, Cardi B has her hands tied with the seized spies — and quite literally. She escapes and helps Ren break free, despite both being under the careful surveillance of Sheeran and Cabello.

But where’s the necklace in the suspense of it all?

Just watch the “frivolous spy film” directed by Jason Koenig below.

Via: Billboard