As so much has been cancelled or delayed over the past few weeks, it’s a nice surprise to get something early. Dua Lipa is blessing us with her sophomore album, Future Nostalgia, out everywhere on March 27 – a week ahead of schedule.

The “Don’t Start Now” singer shared with Miley Cyrus on Wednesday during her Instagram Live show, Bright Minded, that although she considered delaying during the pandemic, she ultimately decided that this could be what we need during this uncertain time.

“I was toying with the idea of whether I should push it or release it at a different time,” Lipa explained. “I made this record because everyone was like, ‘Oh, second record, there’s so much pressure behind it.’ I felt like a lot was riding on this second record and I didn’t want to let the pressure get to me, so I just made a record that just made me want to dance and want to have fun and took my mind away from it.”

“Although it’s scary to put a record out right now, I also feel like maybe music is kind of what we need. And it’s good to just get people to dance and have fun.”


Dua Lipa told RADIO.COM earlier this year about her quest to be timeless on Future Nostalgia, inspired by the songs that surrounded her growing up.

“The title itself, I kind of worked backwards. I knew what the title was gonna be and it became the theme for the album,” said Lipa. “I guess I had to put myself in that mindset, that I wanted to create something that inspired me musically, something that I feel like I had been inspired from my childhood. Songs that I keep coming back to, songs that I listen to 10 years on.”


There’s plenty to “dance and have fun” with on Future Nostalgia, with a “couple breathers in there in the middle,” according to the GRAMMY-winning star. “It definitely has you up on your feet. I’m really excited because it’s definitely a cohesive album and really tells a story, and it’s personal.”