Editorial Credit: Christian Bertrand / Shutterstock.com


We get it, we all love Dua Lipa, but just for the record — fans, here’s what not to do.

As seen in the video below, fans waited for the GRAMMY winning singer outside of a complex to make a brief yet surly scream-inducing appearance after a photoshoot for her upcoming Yves Saint Laurent fragrance campaign in Mexico. As Lipa was minding her own biz making her way to her car, a woman unexpectedly and forcefully ran up to her, rushing her from the side.

As expected Dua’s team and security reacted with a quickness, pushing back, they carried the over excited fan away and made sure Lipa was safe and in the vehicle.

Earlier that day Dua had tweeted about her excitement to be back with her YSL beauty team, but her whereabouts were not mentioned. Yet somehow a crowd of stans gathered outside of the photoshoot, some of which we’re reportedly there for nearly of 9 hours.


As reported by The Sun, “News that she was in the area spread and obviously people were keen to catch sight of Dua. But it turned nasty when two fans rushed up to her. They really ran at her and it looked scary.” The outlet further stated that according to a source, “Dua looked really uncomfortable,” but that “thankfully security was there to drag the people away because who knows what could have happened.”

Lipa has yet to publicly comment on the incident.