The wait is almost over. Last week Dua Lipa revealed the release date for her second studio album, Future Nostalgia. April 3 we will finally be able to unwrap the singer’s latest collection, made with a very clear mission in mind.

“The title itself, I kind of worked backwards. I knew what the title was gonna be and it became the theme for the album,” Dua Lipa tells RADIO.COM in the exclusive interview above, always entering the studio with a clear picture of what she wanted. “I guess I had to put myself in that mindset, that I wanted to create something that inspired me musically, something that I feel like I had been inspired from my childhood. Songs that I keep coming back to, songs that I listen to 10 years on.”

Lipa took on the task to be timeless, collecting the vision of her favorite artists and filtering it through her unique Pop mind. It has turned out tracks that are instantly familiar, soaked in other eras but with a fresh edge that only she can provide. Songs like “Physical” which has a base built in the 80s, but revved up by the swagger of Dua and a dark undercurrent she rides to new heights. Elsewhere, lead single “Don’t Start Now,” has the electric rubber of a disco gem, muscled up by her dynamic voice.

Dua Lipa looked to create her own form of nostalgia, but to “make it modern and make it sound current.” The album is packed with plenty to dance to, with a “couple breathers in there in the middle,” she laughs. “But other than that it definitely has you up on your feet. I’m really excited because it’s definitely a cohesive album and really tells a story, and it’s personal.” From relationships to what she calls “growing pains as a woman,” Lipa says she feels very much herself on Future Nostalgia and can’t wait to share it.


With inspiration taken from some of the greatest dance music of all time, it made sense for the legendary Nile Rodgers to be involved. Last year Dua revealed that the two were working together in the studio. “He’s amazing. What an icon, a legend,” she tells RADIO.COM glowingly. “We decided to get in the studio together because I felt like a lot of the songs and the production that I was doing felt like a perfect match for us to work together.”

Unfortunately with the story Dua Lipa was looking to tell and the timeline for the album, the songs with Rodgers, “didn’t quite fit in the theme of ‘Future Nostalgia.’” Blame it on attention to detail and perfecting her message, but the time wasn’t right for their collaboration. It doesn’t mean that there’s not still hope though.

“He’s a friend of mine and I adore him,” she smiles. “Hopefully we’ll get to do some stuff together. Something that really feels unique to both of us, and something that we can bring and present to the world one day.”

You can watch more from our interview with Dua Lipa above. Future Nostalgia is out everywhere on April 3.