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It’s common to find various businesses with their names and logos adorned on the front of a soccer jersey. For the English soccer club Ipswich Town F.C., their new sponsor is a local that can command an audience of hundreds of thousands of people with ease.

Ipswich Town F.C. announced a new sponsor of the club’s men’s and women’s first-team kits and it’s none other than Ed Sheeran.

Sheeran shared the news with an all time great social media post saying “this bloke is the new sponsor of Ipswich Town Football Club. Do well.”

This bloke is the new sponsor of Ipswich Town Football Club. Do well

Posted by Ed Sheeran on Thursday, May 6, 2021

“He’s a favourite son of Suffolk – and a Town fan. It’s Ed Sheeran, of course,” the club announced on their website.

“The Football Club is a big part of the local community and this is my way of showing my support,” Sheeran added. “I have always enjoyed my trips to Portman Road and I’m looking forward to going back there as soon as supporters are allowed into stadiums again.

“With the new owners from the US coming in, there are sure to be exciting times ahead for Ipswich fans, including myself. Hopefully we can stop being sloightly on the huh!”

The new kits featured a mysterious logo with several math symbols and the word “tour.” When asked what the logo on the front of the shirt meant, Ed offered a cryptic response.

“All will be revealed in time.”