Everything We Know (So Far) About Lady Gaga’s Sixth Album

Lady Gaga has been “pregnant” with her sixth album for a while, but her Little Monsters are dying to know when the due date is.

Gaga has been frustratingly vague about any details regarding #LG6, but fans are doing their best to piece together clues from a number of cryptic tweets and videos from the songstress herself and people on her team.

See below for everything we kind of know about Gaga’s sixth studio album so far.

The potential album title

The theory that the star’s sixth album would be simply titled GAGA started when she shared her new musical tattoo, a stave on her arm with notes that spell “G A G A.” 


To add fuel to the flame, makeup artist Sarah Tanno shared a picture from famous photographer Eli Russell Linnetz, who has worked with the songstress many times, captioned “G A G A.”

Though the shoot was the original concept of her Enigma Vegas show, we’re still thinking the caption is no coincidence. But then again, she also maybe joked that the album is called Adele.

Release date speculation

So, when will we hear #LG6? A fanpage shared some unconfirmed “confirmation” from UMG France CEO Oliver Nusse, revealing that the album will arrive in early 2020.

Though Gaga herself hasn’t announced a release date, early next year would make sense, given that she’s scheduled to re-kick off her Vegas residency in May (and, with it, hopefully some new songs).

The cryptic “f” tweet

That was it. That was the whole tweet, a simple “f.” But that one letter sent the Little Monsters into a frenzy. What does it stand for?

Though it could just be Gaga acting silly and trolling her fans, many followers believed that the “f” stood for February, hinting at a February 2020 release–which would align with the rumors of the album drop early next year.


Like all the other clues, nothing is confirmed. But BloodPop has shared some videos working with Gaga in the studio.

Boyz Noise may also be working on the record, since he produced the backing track for Gaga’s residency, and was also involved with some of the production on A Star Is Born.

Via: Billboard