7:55 AM PT — Law enforcement sources tell TMZ the package sent to the CNN building was addressed to former CIA Director John Brennan, who is now a CNN contributor. The package was a manila envelope with 6 stamps.

7:10 AM PT — The FBI now says a bomb was also sent to The White House and the device contained “projectiles.” And, the FBI now says all of the bombs are connected … presumably to the same perpetrator(s).

Also, Time Warner Center in NYC where CNN is located has been evacuated after a suspicious device was found in the mail room. That device, we’re told, resembles a pipe bomb.

CNN abruptly went to commercial as employees filed out of their NYC studio. They came back on the air from their Washington, D.C. studios, and from the street outside Time Warner Center.

7:00 AM PT — Authorities now say the devices sent to Obama, Clinton and Soros are “similar.”

6:45 AM PT — Federal authorities tell TMZ, they believe the same perpetrator(s) sent the bombs to both Soros and the Clintons.A bomb was found near the home of Bill and Hillary Clinton … and we’ve just learned a suspicious package was sent to the home of former President Barack Obama.

A technician who screens the mail for the Clintons found the device at their Westchester County estate. The device was discovered late Tuesday.

The device was similar to the one found Monday at the home of billionaire philanthropist George Soros. As we reported, Soros is a staunch Democrat who has been extremely critical of Donald Trump.

The Secret Service says another suspicious package was sent to Barack Obama but intercepted in Washington, D.C. The device was sent by mail. The Secret Service has identified it as “a potential explosive device.”

As for the device at the Clintons home … the package was addressed specifically to Hillary. Authorities are reviewing surveillance video. They want to know if the package was delivered by mail or otherwise.

Both the Clintons and Soros live in Westchester County.