We all have some weird habits, but when you’re Kanye West, the camera is always on. A clip of Yeezy from the latest Sunday Service (Sept. 1) finds West, who has never been one to flinch in the public eye, seemingly scratching his ear lobe and then putting his finger to his mouth very quickly.

The harmless maneuver was caught on camera by Twitter user @J0rgeCastr0, which has oddly sent fans into a bit of a craze. The clip has caught fire online, accumulating more than three million views and over 128,000 retweets since being uploaded to Twitter on Sunday afternoon (Sept. 1).

“And this is why the album is delayed, Kanye’s out here eating earwax,” @NovJ wrote in response to the video. Another speculated that Kanye simply threw a piece of gum to the ground. West’s Sunday Service invaded Watts, Calif. for another worship experience over the weekend. A very special guest was in attendance, as Hollywood staple Brad Pitt popped up for the occasion.

According to a track list posted by Kim Kardashian, the Chicago native is slated to release his Jesus Is King album later this month (Sept. 27).

Watch the video causing quite the stir and see fans’ reactions below.


Via: Billboard