French Montana has partnered with MTV and the nonprofit Get Schooled to start a “We Are the Dream” campaign — which will help undocumented immigrants gain access to higher education.

The campaign aims to provide opportunities for high school and college-aged undocumented students. provides resources like scholarship overviews and “sanctuary college” information to guide students to safe, accessible spaces.

For Montana, the issue is personal.

“I am one of tens of thousands of first and second generation immigrants that are having a significant positive impact on the United States,” he told Rolling Stone. “I am excited to lead others in this fight to ensure Dreamers connect with support they need to get to college and make their American Dream come true.”

The future status of DREAMers (recipients of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals permits) and other undocumented young people remains in question as the Trump Administration rolls back Obama-era protections. DACA recipients are undocumented individuals whose parents brought them to the United States as children. According to We Are the Dream, only 5-10 percent of undocumented college-age people pursue higher education.

French Montana’s new campaign might make those barriers to entry a bit easier to cross.