H.E.R. performs during the IHeart Living Room Concert for America

H.E.R. Debuts Moving New Track ‘I Can’t Breathe’

Grammy-winning singer/songwriter H.E.R. debuted a moving new song entitled “I Can’t Breathe” during Wednesday night’s (June 10) episode of iHeartRadio’s Living Room Concert Series. The performance was filmed at a recording studio in Brooklyn and the singer said that the title was inspired by current events and comes in the wake of several weeks of protest following the police-caused killing for George Floyd.

“These lyrics were kind of easy to write because it came from a conversation of what’s happening right now, what’s been happening, and the change that we need to see,” H.E.R. said, giving a shout-out to all the people in various communities promoting justice, peace, equality and passion. “I think music is powerful when it comes to change and when it comes to healing and that’s why I wrote this song, to make a mark in history. And I hope this song does that.”

The title alone lets you know that the song touches on something very painful and revealing, H.E.R. said, before launching into the midtempo track featuring the lines, “What is a gun to a man that surrenders/ What’s it gonna take for someone to defend her/ If we all agree that we’re equal as people/ Then why can’t we see what’s evil?”

The chorus brings the message home in stark relief: “I can’t breathe/ You’re taking my life from me/ I can’t breathe/ Will anyone fight for me?”

Watch the performance below beginning at 1:20.


Via: Billboard