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Halsey Maps Out the ‘Road to Manic’ in New Web Series: Watch the First Part Now

As the days and weeks tick away toward Jan. 17, fans are getting excited about Halsey’s upcoming new album, Manic. But according to a new clip, perhaps no one is as excited as the singer herself.

On Friday (Nov. 8), Halsey posted the first part of a new web series called “Road to Manic,” where she charts her goings-on up until the release of her third studio album. The first episode (available to watch below) shows the singer venturing across Europe for a slew of performances, including her recent stints on Swedish Idol and at the MTV EMAs.

Along with detailing her scheduled stops, the video also shows Halsey explaining her excitement about the album’s release, even if that means she’s also nervous. “You hear an album called ‘Manic’ and you think it’s going to be like, super sad and dark, but it’s not,” she said in the video. “It’s really colourful and kinda funny sometimes and…it’s scary because it’s so much of me, so if people don’t like it, it feels like they don’t like me.”

The star added that she wanted to leave those fears behind in anticipation of her new record. “Before I can not care about what people think about the album, I have to not care what people think about me, which is so hard to do.”

Check out the full episode of “Road to Manic” below:

Via: Billboard