Harry Styles Epically Guest-Hosts ‘Late Late Show’: Interviews Himself, Performs ‘Adore You,’ Hits ‘Carpool’ Lane: Watch

If you doubted Harry Styles’ renaissance man credentials after he killed it on Saturday Night Live last month, look no further than his guest hosting stint on The Late Late Show on Tuesday night (Dec. 10) for definitive proof. With pal James Corden off filming a movie, Styles easily slipped into the spotlight the night after Alicia Keys made the show her own with a moving Billie Eilish duet by doing it all.

Harry opened the show behind the wheel, cruising into the “Carpool Karaoke” lane with Corden, in a pre-taped bit in which the host gave his young charge some advice on faking interest in talk show guests before the pair teamed up to sing “Watermelon Sugar” from Styles’ upcoming Fine Line album, due out Friday (Dec. 13).

“A big thing is you’ve got to make your guests feel comfortable,” Corden said when a bored-looking Styles asked for some hosting tips for his second go-round behind the Late Late desk. “A lot of that is about feigning enthusiasm… so even if a guest tells a story that isn’t that funny… it is.” The pair practiced fake laughing at inane banter, but things got serious when Corden wondered if Styles’ sartorial choices were going to work on the show as they played out an increasingly silly bit built around the singer’s preference for billowy, mega-high-waisted pants.

Harry did a yeoman’s job on the opening monologue, joking that he is always there whenever Corden needs him… as long as he has an album to plug. “I’m hosting the show on the day the House of Representatives released articles of impeachment against the president of the United States,” he said, handling the heavy joke lifting with ease. “Thanks for giving me an easy one James… I only have one thing to say to President Trump,” he added with a winky cut to camera and another plug for his music, “Just stop your cryin’, it’s a sign of the times.”

Styles also did a fawning interview of himself before a visually captivating performance of his latest single, “Adore You,” crooning the mid-tempo ballad on a fog-shrouded set dressed up to look like a turbulent sea, an allusion to the nautical theme of the song’s epic video.

Check out Styles’ hosting clips below.

Via: Billboard