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Hayley Williams Shimmers With Unplugged ‘Simmer’ on Her Back Porch

Just a lazy Sunday evening (July 2). That’s what Paramore’s Hayley Williams was having whens she pulled out her acoustic guitar and sang a bit of her solo single “Simmer” on her back porch in the latest episode of her “self-serenade” series. The minute-long, meditative snippet is so quiet you can hear the birds chirping in the background, and it features a cameo from the singer’s dog, Alf, who finds a spot to chill and watch the command outdoor performance.

“This song came out 6 hundred years ago, b.c. (corona) but i still love it and it keeps evolving,” Williams wrote in the video’s caption. “Thanks for listening to me sing to myself all these months. i have really enjoyed sharing lil glimpses into my solitude like this. hope you’re stayin safe and allowing yourself some peace in your own solitude.”

“Simmer” appears on Williams’ debut solo album, Petals for Armor, which came out not six hundred years ago, but in the first week of February.

Watch the unplugged performance of “Simmer” below.