Here Are the 10 Ways Parents Try to Get Their Kid to Fall Asleep Faster

It’s never easy to get kids to go to sleep . . . and the way that the pandemic threw off all our routines definitely hasn’t made things easier.

Half of parents say that it’s been harder getting their kids to go to sleep since last March, according to a new survey. So what are they doing to try to get their kids to fall asleep? Here are the top 10 things they’ve tried . . .

  1. Promising to leave on a nightlight.
  2. Reading a bedtime story.
  3. Playing soft music in their room while they fall asleep.
  4. Turning on a TV show or movie while they fall asleep.
  5. Lying in bed with them while they fall asleep.
  6. Making sure they have a special blanket or stuffed animal.
  7. Giving them warm milk before bed.
  8. Giving them a melatonin supplement.
  9. Limiting their screen time at night.
  10. Putting a white noise machine in their room.