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The Lizzie McGuire reboot is dead. Hilary Duff shared the news in a message to fans on Wednesday, revealing that despite everyone’s best efforts, they just couldn’t make the show work.

“I’ve been so honored to have the character of Lizzie in my life. She has made such a lasting impact on many, including myself. To see the fans’ loyalty and love for her, to this day, means so much to me,” Duff wrote. “I know the efforts and conversations have been everywhere trying to make a reboot work, but sadly & despite everyone’s best efforts, it isn’t going to happen.”

“I want any reboot of Lizzie to be honest and authentic to who Lizzie would be today,” she explained. “It’s what the character deserves.”

The actress concluded, “We can all take a moment to mourn the amazing woman she would have been and the adventures we would have taken with her. I’m very sad, but I promise everyone tried their best and the stars just didn’t align. Hey now, this is what 2020s made of.”

-[Entertainment Tonight]