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How has it been 1 year since Olivia Rodrigo blessed us with ‘drivers license’?

It’s basically perfect, and we’ve never felt this way for no song

On January 8, 2021, 17-year-old Olivia Rodrigo released her debut single “drivers license” and well… you probably know the rest. But whatever since we’re already here, let’s reminisce. Immediately met with unprecedented, shocking success, “drivers license” climbed the charts and smashed records with lightening speed. Rocketing its singer into superstardom status pretty much overnight.

Attributed to a perfect storm of factors that includes the quality of the song itself, support from celebrities including Taylor Swift, and it’s empathetic relatable vibes, It took just hours after its release for listeners to become deeply invested in not just the heartbreak anthem, but the real life inspo behind the single as well. And most importantly who “that blonde girl” was IRL.

Rumors swirled that the so-called love-triangle referenced in the song was about her High School Musical: The Musical: The Series co-star and rumored ex-boyfriend Joshua Bassett and his at the time rumored girlfriend Sabrina Carpenter. Fans combed through each line, piecing together their version of the story, however till this day, Olivia has remained mum.

Suspicions aside, the rumors and speculations are more of a testament to the deeply personal connection that her fans feel towards her as an artist and to her music. Because at it’s core lies the near-universal experience of teenage heartbreak and angst. Which when mixed with pop music makes for a powerful combination, that Olivia masterfully has figured out.

Her follow-up singles, “deja vu,”, “good 4 u,” and eventually her entire debut album SOUR only further proved that Olivia has her finger on the pulse of what’s needed in Pop music. With her perfect mix punk influenced bops, and angsty ballads, Rodrigo is a Pop powerhouse. And as we’ve already started to see, “drivers license” was just the beginning.