Hailee Steinfeld is more ready than ever to drop her EP Half Written Story, with tracks like Wrong Direction and her latest song I Love You’s on the project. Steinfeld has always gone back and forth between her acting and singing career. Now “it’s been years since I released my first and only body of work in music,” Steinfeld says to Elvis Duran Thursday, May 7th, and she is ready for her release Friday.

While in quarantine Steinfeld is really taking the time to be with her family and just to take a minute to breathe. She tells Elvis, “I think this time has actually taught me a lot about patience and compassion and my god not taking things for granted. To be able to slow down and take a minute to reflect and be presence and to realize all we have is all we have. it’s not all that bad ya know?”

She also mentions cancelations she has had to make due to the quarantine and explains how Zoom and FaceTime have become an important part of her routine. “Right away I was going overseas to promote the project and that was months in the making. It’s so crazy how quickly things can change. it’s pretty wild. I’m taking everything one day at a time and there’s quite a lot you can get done from home. Going back into things will be forever changed and we’re all just playing the waiting game.”

Despite that, Steinfeld is looking forward to releasing her music. She tells Elvis, “I have been working on this project for quite some time. It’s been years since I released my first and only body of work in music. I kind of will take my own self out of the game for my TV career. I shot season 1 of ‘Dickinson’ on Apple TV plus, last year (She also serves as the Executive Producer for the show). Came back home and always had that time after the show carved out for this music. Finished season 2 of the show (luckily before we went into quarantine) and now i’m in the music space. This project is a small collection of songs that I feel very connected to. and i’m excited for people to hear them.”

Here is the ‘Half Written Story’ track listing:

I Love You’s

Your Name Hurts

END this (L.O.V.E.)

Man Up

Wrong Direction

Her latest release of the song I Love You’s she says was written when “I was in a place for the first time i realized the only thing that I needed was time to myself time to focus on myself to heal properly and not the distraction of another relationship.”

Listen to her full interview with Elvis Duran above!