Justin Timberlake is reprising his roll as Branch from the original Trolls opposite Anna Kendrick. The movie has recently been switched to an on-demand release due to COVID-19. The soundtrack, produced by Timberlake includes 20 songs and was released on March 13th. The album includes songs from Kelly Clarkson, Anthony Ramos and Timberlake’s new song with SZA, The Other Side.

Timberlake joins Elvis Duran and the Morning Show on Thursday morning. When asked what it was like going into the studio to make the soundtrack for the movie with a song like Can’t Stop The Feeling being from the previous album Timberlake says, “I think our effort was to make the whole movie feel that way.” He continues:

But we’re dealing with the plot that our characters find out there’s more than one genre of music. So that was more of the exciting thing for me. Being behind the scenes and working on all the music behind the scenes was getting to work with all these different genres of music you know, funk and classical and country. So idk i feel like the whole movie feels that way. To be quite honest you can’t just go into the studio and write another Can’t Stop The Feeling, those things are kind go lightning in a bottle for me. I feel like our efforts for this one was to educate people on different types of music in a fun way.

Those type of hits like Can’t Stop The Feeling “happen when they happen,” according to Timberlake.

While in quarantine with his family, Timberlake admits that no parent was meant to be a ’24 hour’ parent. As far as his quarantine snacks go “I think this is the time for comfort food.” Timberlake also adds that for his son’s preschool they did a zoom with all of his classmates where they made banana chocolate chip muffins. “So I had a supply of muffins for the next 48 hours.”

What else is he doing in quarantine? Watching Tiger King of course. The Netflix documentary has taken the world by storm. The big question… Do you think Carole Baskin killed her husband and fed him to the tigers? Timberlake responds…

“I mean.. I’m on the fence guys I gotta be honest, I’m on the fence. I just don’t know who to believe. You’re watching a series and then half way through you realize all the interviews from Joe Exotic are coming from prison and muffled and you’re like ‘Oh my god…. Who am i supposed to believe?'”

Listen to Timberlake’s full interview with Elvis Duran above and be sure to watch him in Trolls World Tour available on-demand April 10th.

[Elvis Duran]