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Inside Mary J. Blige’s sparkly Halftime ensemble that won the Super Bowl

Don’t need no hateration, holleration in this dancery.

Sorry, but it has to be said, Mary J. Blige outshined the Vince Lombardi Trophy during Sunday’s star-studded Super Bowl Halftime Show. Again, sorry if that offends anyone but we said it, and we meant it — so please don’t @ us.

While belting out a short medley of her soulful hits, Blige sparkled from head to toe in a custom white Peter Dundas Sergio Rossi collaboration.

A long-sleeve crop-top with lace-up detailing across her midriff with matching boy shorts, fedora and car gloves embellished with Swarovski crystals, pearl beadwork and shimmering leopard-print design by Dundas, perfectly paired Sergio Rossi thigh-high boots that rivals any Super Bowl ring.

Her nails, make-up and hair of course, all done to perfection thanks to a dedicated team, that includes Britney Winters, a Stanford graduate with an MBA from Harvard, who is now making a name for herself as hairpiece designer to the stars.

Truly a full circle moment for Winters, who shared she grew up listening to MJB on repeat, as reported by KHOU 11, also sharing Britney’s thoughts about the incredible experience.

“She looked so good like from head to toe. She always brings it, but it was kind of like one of those moments, it was very surreal. I just couldn’t believe it was happening” Winters told the local Houston news outlet. “For her to be wearing our product in front of 100 million people on such a huge night, I was just like, ‘Oh my God,’ I’m just so thankful.”

As for Norwegian-born Dundas, he told Vogue his inspiration for the ensemble came from jazz artist Cab Calloway and the French sculptor Niki de Saint Phalle.

”Mary pulls at your heartstrings; she’s able to capture so much in her lyrics, then she sings them with such passion. I wanted to create something that could reflect what she’s about and make her feel her absolute best,” Dundas told Vogue.

We know a lot memorable moments went down during Sunday’s sporting event, but to be honest the Halftime Show and Blige’s fit most certainly make the top of the list.