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On April 9 2021, DMX tragically passed away at the age of 50. Throughout his 20+ year career, the rapper churned out hits that inspired countless fans across the world insuring that his iconic legacy will live on forever.

Though he is now longer with us, those close to him say Earl Simmons aka the hip-hop heavyweight known as DMX, is not done yet. As his manager and Ruff Ryder Darrin Dee Dean revealed, he’d been working on new music throughout the pandemic. “It’s sad that he’s not gonna be here,” Darrin said, “but the music… This album right here is special.”

Further noting it to be, “like you probably never heard no music like you heard on this one that we did right now. This is probably one of his great albums. One of the best. It’s a classic, for sure.” Darrin went on to express that DMX “was excited about it,” and that “he couldn’t wait to promote it and get out there with the music.”

Aside from the music, it’s been reported that an HBO Max documentary was also in the works. And that additionally, the rapper was working on getting back on the big screen once again, having recently completing a role as Detective White in the 2020 thriller Chronicle of a Serial Killer.

Back to why we’re here though, to discuss the music. With claims of being “probably one of his great albums” we for one can’t wait to hear it. What about you- same right?