Singer, Jason Derulo has amassed a huge following on TikTok during his time in quarantine, however it was something he was working on a lot even before the lockdown. He has amassed over 16.2 million followers from videos that have 158.6 million likes and almost 1 billion views. “TikTok is my saving grace because it’s a lot of fun,” Derulo tells Elvis Duran Thursday, April 23rd, “It’s something i can do every day. it offers a new activity every day. I always have something to do, something to show. that’s the beauty of TikTok, it brings people together, everything you’re doing could be done for someone else.”

Keeping up with the trends and doing dances with some of the famous TikTokers like Addison Rae and Charli D’Amelio (and no he hasn’t gone to the Hype House yet), Derulo is making a new challenge where he makes a cool dessert every time he hits a million more followers on the app. The real question though… is he really eating all those crazy desserts, because with abs like his we just don’t believe it. “Of course i eat them, they’re incredible,” he replies, “Every single time I try to think of a crazy dessert I can do, it ends up being something I want to try.”

Wednesday night, Derulo went viral after losing a basketball challenge on TikTok where he said the loser would have to shave his eyebrow. It was quickly discovered on the Zoom interview with Elvis Duran, that he didn’t actually do it. “That was a little CGI, don’t tell nobody,” Derulo whispers jokingly into the camera. “Basically we played a game and the first one to miss was supposed to shave off their eyebrow. But you know, it was for the video. I probably wouldn’t have lost if it was ya know real.”

Friday night, April 24th at 8pm ET Derulo will be playing Elvis Duran’s Stay At Home Ball. Filmed in the studio in his house, Derulo is among artists like Kesha, Alessia Cara and more participating in our show live on YouTube benefiting Project C.U.R.E. Use this link here to watch the show tomorrow night and watch Jason Derulo’s entire interview with Elvis Duran and the Morning Show above.