Jennifer Lopez & Jimmy Fallon Have a TikTok Dance-Off, Talk Quarantine Life

Jennifer Lopez faced off against Jimmy Fallon in a TikTok challenge on the latest episode of the at-home Tonight Show. Spoiler: she won.

J. Lo and Fallon tried out several TikTok dances after watching them only once, with pretty impressive results.

After their dance-off, the pair chatted about making the most of being at home and slowing down in quarantine during the coronavirus pandemic.

“We’ve been making the best of it,” Lopez said. “There’s been some really scary, anxiety-filled time. You know, uncertainty. All of that. But I’m also realizing a lot of things.”

She explained: “I’m realizing, you know what? I didn’t call my mom every day. I need to call her ever day, even when this is over, because I’ve been speaking to her every single day … We don’t connect like that all the time. Now we’re connecting all the time.”

Their conversation also revealed who the mystery man in the background of J. Lo’s recent Instagram selfie was: “some real estate guy that Alex was on Zoom with.”

Plus, they discussed the upcoming return of World of Dance on May 26.

Watch Lopez’s full appearance below.

Via: Billboard