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Jimmy Fallon Parodies That Annual Billie Eilish ‘Vanity Fair’ Interview

A lot can change in a year — and Jimmy Fallon hilariously depicted just how much when he recreated Billie Eilish’s annual Vanity Fair interview in which she answers the same questions every year.

In Fallon’s Tonight Show version, he is seen clean-cut and jolly in 2017, 2018 and 2019, before the camera cuts to the scruffy, disheveled comedian in 2020, rocking his quarantine look of a bathrobe and t-shirt.

“Is that a joke?” he responded when asked how he’s doing amid a tumultuous year, though he was feeling “great” in 2019.

His most famous Instagram follower? Not Justin Timberlake, Jennifer Lopez or Ariana Grande as in years past. Instead, Fallon boasted a follow from an intern at Pfizer, one of the pharmaceutical companies that has developed a COVID-19 vaccine. “Really excited about that,” he mutters.

While Fallon opted for One Direction, Jonas Brothers and BTS as his past favorite boy bands, the Cuomo brothers stood out to him in 2020. “And BTS,” he admitted.

Watch below.