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Joji Delivers Lengthy and Explorative Sophomore Album ‘Nectar’

Joji is making his return with his sophomore album, Nectar.

The followup to 2018’s BALLADS 1, the lengthy full-length clocks in at almost one hour with 18 tracks. The 88rising staple enlists the likes of Diplo, Lil Yachty, Omar Apollo, rei brown and Yves Tumor for guest appearances, while producers like Bekon & The Donuts, Justin Parker and Kenny Beats add sonic diversity. He exhibits more confidence in his vocal ability this time around and strikes an impressive balance between fusions of downtempo R&B, invigorated pop, indie alternative and electronica, exploring the varying question of what every living being is innately drawn to — regardless of whether it’s for pleasure or survival — and the lengths they’re willing to go for it. Joji’s overall exploration on Nectar thankfully pays off and continues to paint him as an unorthodox artist, leaving listeners and critics to wonder where his next album will take him next.

“With the Joji music I usually just follow the demand and my own personal taste and see if there’s a workable balance in there,” he said in a recent interview. “If there is, I apply it. I wouldn’t say that I start a song looking for a certain genre, I just focus on creating in a way that feels right to me and look for things that people will enjoy from these Joji projects.”

Stream Joji’s Nectar on Spotify and Apple Music below.