Jonas Brothers 2 Editorial credit Kathy Hutchins


The Jonas Brothers are back and making up for lost time. Last year the trio reunited and returned to the charts, taking over every medium imaginable with a new album, book, tour, and documentary. They’ve been “Burnin’ Up” for years as you know, and now that they are back there is no plan to cool down.

Sunday night at the 2020 GRAMMY Awards Nick, Joe, and Kevin not only gave us their new single, “What A Man Gotta Do,” but they also debuted a new song called “Five More Minutes.” What was thought to be the first sample of another album has been confirmed by the Jonas Brothers in a video, saying that the follow-up to Happiness Begins is forthcoming.

Another new album would be the sixth from the “Sucker” singers, after landing at the top of the Billboard chart last June. JoBros followed with a tour across North America and Europe, selling out dates around the world.

Earlier this month, the Jonas Brothers debuted their video for “What A Man Gotta Do,” showcasing a few favorite scenes from movies with their wives starring alongside them. When we caught up with them, they read your suggestions of “what a man gotta do” to lock it down for life. Spoiler alert: load that dishwasher right.