Jonas Brothers Elvis Duran 2020


It was not a typical morning for Elvis Duran and the Morning Show…. “And The Morning Show” was left in charge of things as Elvis Duran is in New Mexico for the weekend. Mid-show, the Jonas Brothers unexpectedly barged into the studio to take over.

During their takeover Joe, Nick, and Kevin spoke all about their new single, “What A Man Gotta Do,” and their upcoming tour plans! The trio also joined in with a “Jonas Topic Train” and a game of “Know Your Bro!”

The Jonas Brothers began their topic train with topics such as, “What New Year’s Resolution did you make and already break?” “If you were alive in 3000, what cool thing would you hope would be invented by then?” and “Have you ever hooked up with the delivery person?”

“Know Your Bro” consisted of Kevin and Nick answering questions about their brother Joe to see if their answers matched his. Questions included “When did Joe lose his virginity and take off his purity ring?.” “If Joe wasn’t performing music, what would he do for a living?” and “What is Joe’s biggest fear?” and many more!

Both Nick and Kevin agreed that Frankie Jonas is definitely Joe’s favorite Jonas brother, but regarding Joe losing his virginity, Nick said when Joe was 30 (this year), and Kevin guessed when Joe was 22! After revealing that Joe’s biggest fear is Avril Lavigne and that he used to have reoccurring nightmares of her, Nick and Kevin waited to see if their answers about Joe matched his own answers about himself.

Not so surprisingly, Kevin and Nick knew a little too much about their brother Joe. The duo correctly answered about the weirdest thing that Joe has ever eaten at a restaurant, his favorite Jonas brother, and agreed that his most irritating habit was his excited hands.

You can watch the Jonas Brothers play “Know Your Bro” below!

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