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Jonas Brothers Transform Into Classic Disney Characters, Bicker About Who Cheats More at Golf on ‘Late Late Show’

You haven’t lived until you see Joe as an emo Eeyore.

The Jonas Brothers visited The Late Late Show on Wednesday night (May 26) to reveal the untold origin stories of some classic Disney characters, talk Nick’s bike accident and their terrible early middle school shows. And trust us, you haven’t lived until you see Joe Jonas as an emo Eeyore.

With Cruella due on theaters this summer, the boys got in costume for a taped bit about the shocking tales of a few second-banana Disney day players. First up, the story of how Eeyore got so depressed. Joe played the happy-go-lucky Eeyore to Nick’s anxious Winnie the Pooh, who was stressed about their past-due mortgage bills. A pleaser, Eeyore took on some extra work as a drug mule, which landed him in trouble with evil bosses who exact revenge by slicing off his tail in a tale titled: Drug Mule.

But that’s not all. You’ll also get the origin story of the Italian chef (Corden) who served the spaghetti to the dogs in Lady and the Tramp in Spaghettabout It. Ever wondered about the lady (Kevin) who screams “I need six eggs!” in Beauty and the Beast? They got you covered with Six Eggs Away From Six Feet Under.

It wasn’t all fun and games, though. There was also some friendly brotherly bickering to get to.

After announcing their reunion to James Corden in 2019, the Brothers joked that they were back to reveal that they’re breaking up again. Kidding! Nick opened up about breaking a rib a few weeks ago and how he “had to be okay” because of his gig on The Voice and the group’s performance on Sunday night’s 2021 BBMAs. That said, no good deed goes unpunished among sibling bandmates, so after Nick said he landed pretty hard in the fall, Joe helpfully noted that Kevin then ran into his prone brother with his bike, making things way, way worse.

“I may have also helped in the injury,” Kevin admitted, which prompted host James Corden to wonder who Nick turns to when he’s writhing in pain on the ground after such an incident. “It was a real test of a lot of things, trust I think was the biggest thing,” he said, noting that he, of course, wanted to call wife Priyanka Jonas as he was being loaded into the ambulance.

But, he had to hand his phone over to one of his bros because he couldn’t talk, so he chose… Kevin, if you can believe it. “I gave it to Kevin,” he said. “It’s kind of telling,” a smiling Kevin quipped, before he ruined it again by comparing Nick’s fall to one of his children tumbling and getting a boo-boo. “I love how he’s equated my rib breaking and the whole thing to just me falling,” Nick said. Listen, kids fall, it’s a big deal in the moment, but if you freak out, so will they, father of two Kevin said, not helping matters.

“You told Nick ‘just walk it off,'” Joe joked, also not helping.

The brothers also talked about how fun it was to perform for the first time in more than a year at Sunday’s BBMAs, and how weird it was to play for a crowd of people in masks, as well as getting into yet another testy subject: who’s the most competitive at golf. “I’m happy you said ‘most competitive’ and not who’s the best,” Kevin said, stirring things up again with Nick.

“I’m not competitive actually, I am a seeker of truth,” Nick replied as Joe incredulously yelled “WHAT!?” Did Kevin used to lie and kick his ball? Sure. Did he put a golf simulator in his garage to get better? Yes. Did he once punch the ground because he got so mad about his game? Absolutely. Kevin then shared some advice Dr. Phil once gave his son that the singer took to heart: You’re not good enough to be this mad. “It goes towards a lot of things,” Kevin said.

Joe also talked about how he and wife Sophie Turner got obsessed with prank phone calls during lockdown and the Brothers described how their early tours were not nearly as nice as their upcoming Remember This summer tour will be. And while they’re excited to be back in amphitheaters with their fans playing new music, Corden reminded them of their first tour 16 years ago.

Kevin reminisced about touring (and sleeping) in their family minivan and Nick recalling how they’d roll into middle and high school auditoriums at six in the morning and play a quite loud anti-drug gig to groggy tweens as they rolling into school for first bell.

“And they hated us,” Nick said. Because they couldn’t afford hotel rooms at the time, they’d drive to the show, play and then drive back that same night and, of course, eat a lot of school cafeteria tater tots because there was no fancy catering.

They also described opening for the Backstreet Boys and realizing they wanted to be stars. But, Joe explained, they were the “opening, opening, opening band,” kind of like the music that plays when the doors first open. Or the band playing in the Puerto Rico airport when your plane lands.

Nick promised the Remember This outing with Kelsea Ballerini will be way better and that there will be “a lot” of new music coming, though at this point it’s unclear if it will end up on an album or not.

Watch the JoBros on the Late Late Show below.