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Joshua Bassett Gets Over ‘High School Musical’ Breakup With Olivia Rodrigo on ‘Let You Go’: Exclusive Clip

Joshua Bassett is letting go of his onscreen relationship with Olivia Rodrigo in a new song that will be featured on the next High School Musical: The Musical: The Series episode.

The ninth episode of season 2, titled “Spring Break,” features the East High Wildcats on break and Ricky (played by Bassett) contemplating his breakup with Nini (played by Rodrigo). While visiting his mother in Chicago, Ricky sings a heartfelt anthem from the piano titled “Let You Go,” and Billboard is premiering an exclusive clip below before it airs on Friday.

“I love you so much that I’ve got to let you go/ It couldn’t last forever, and I hope you find better/ I can’t forget us, can’t pretend we ain’t broken/ It was good together, now I’ve got to let you go,” he croons in the sneak peek video. “I’m picking up pieces left and right/ Now that our hearts are both untied, it’ll take time/ It’ll take time.”

Earlier this season, Bassett and Rodrigo performed their specially orchestrated romantic ballad “Even When/ The Best Part,” which marked how the onscreen high school love birds navigated their relationship as a long-distance couple after Nini departed to the Denver-based Youth Actors Conservatory, leaving Ricky behind in Salt Lake City, Utah. Bassett told Billboard in a statement that “Even When/The Best Part” was “hands down: one of my favorites this season!”

Watch him perform a snippet of his new song “Let You Go” before the new HSMTMTS episode premieres Friday on Disney+.