Katy Perry has an early Christmas treat for fans with the Wednesday release of her pop ballad “Immortal Flame,” as part of her new collaboration with “Final Fantasy Brave Exvius,” which will also let users play as the singer.

On Sunday (December 9), Square Enix unveiled a teaser for the new song in a trailer for the gaming collaboration, which will see Perry lend her likeness for the character in-game, starting on December 12 for a limited time. A lengthy snippet of the glowing ballad plays in the clip as Perry preps for a big performance before she and her dog get pixilated into the game. For her appearance, people can utilize Popstar Katy in the red ensemble that she wore during her “Witness World Tour.” Square Enix said other character designs will be available in future in-game events.

Perry isn’t the first pop star to appear in “Final Fantasy Brave Exvius.” Just last year, Ariana Grande teamed up with the franchise for a limited time in-game event, where she had a character modeled after her and her bunny ear mask that she donned on the cover of Dangerous Woman. Similar to Perry, she contributed to the music front by lending a new remix of “Touch It” to the game.

“Final Fantasy Brave Exviu” is available as a free-to-play app on Google Play, the App Store, and the Amazon App store.