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Katy Perry Went Viral for Not Being Able to Find Her Seat at King Charles’ Coronation

King Charles was officially crowned on Saturday, but the REAL news of the day is that Katy Perry couldn’t find her seat. And video of her wandering around looking for it went viral.

Later that day she Tweeted, quote, “Don’t worry guys, I found my seat.”

It was also pretty hard not to notice Prince Harry sitting a few rows behind the rest of his family.

Speaking of unwelcome guests, the GRIM REAPER made an appearance at Westminster Abbey.

(Here’s more info and a few pics of the reaper. And check out pictures and video of the new King and Queen.)

Katy was more in her element on Sunday, when she performed at the coronation concert with Lionel Richie, Andrea Bocelli, Steve Winwood, Nicole Scherzinger, and the British group Take That. (Check out some clips.)

One last quick note: Katy and Lionel appeared on “American Idol” last night from London . . . and they had the King and Queen with them.