Kelly Clarkson is doing it all, and all from her Montana home. The singer is still doing taping of her show The Kelly Clarkson Show, The Voice and putting out new music, all with three children running around. “The good is that we haven’t has this much family time in forever and the bad is that we haven’t had this much family time in forever… haha i’m kidding.”

Although she is only in her first season, Clarkson believes it isn’t time to take a summer vacation. She isn’t sure what other daytime talk shows are up to, but she isn’t planning on stopping during what would be summer vacation. “Well we actually as a team talked about it,” says Clarkson to Elvis Duran Thursday morning, “We are going to bring fresh content every week…. Zoom interview as you are doing with me right now. As well as we’re setting up lives for The Voice so we’re trying to navigate how that’s going to work.” She continues, “We agreed that we all would spend our summer vacation doing a summer session.”

With her two shows working on keeping a regular schedule, now she has a new song out. Her song I Dare You, has become a quick favorite of Duran’s calling it a ‘feel good anthem.’ As far as other singers and songwriters, Clarkson says:

I have a lot of friends in this industry that don’t make what I make in a show. for all those artists, those are jobs where you need people in order to make money. Not only artists, but small businesses, this is definitely an economic crisis…. But at the end of the day this is what doctors need us to do. I’m not suffering financially but a lot of people are and that’s really scary. because I came from a family that did. All of us in the entertainment world are just trying to distract and bring hope.

As far as snacking and figuring out a daily routine, you’ll have to listen to her full interview on Elvis Duran and the Morning Show above!

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