Kesha Is Only Left With ‘Resentment’ in Evocative New Video: Watch

The track features Sturgill Simpson, Brian Wilson & Wrabel.

Kesha reflects about the “Resentment” she feels in a relationship on her latest release from her forthcoming album, High Road. The song features Sturgill Simpson, Brian Wilson and Wrabel, but the music video sees Kesha dealing with her resentment all on her own.

The grainy visual is captured on a VHS-filtered camera in the hands of the 32-year-old artist, who begrudgingly walks around a room and restlessly discerns how to tell her partner it’s over in an effort to stand up for herself. “I don’t hate you, babe, it’s worse than that/ ‘Cause you hurt me and I don’t react/ I’ve been building up this thing for months/ Oh, resentment,” she woefully sings in the chorus of the acoustic ballad.

As for her talented collaborators, Kesha said piecing together this song was a dream come true. “Brian Wilson is one of my personal musical heroes, so when he said he would collaborate with me on the recording… that moment was one of the most exciting in my career,” she said in a press release, according to NPR. “Then add in Sturgill, who I respect and admire so much, as well as my close friend, the insanely talented songwriter Wrabel, and this record felt more like a dream than just another song to me.”

Watch the “Resentment” music video below.

Via: Billboard