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Lady Gaga Puts Up Inspiring ‘Chromatica’ Billboard in Los Angeles: See the Heartfelt Message

‘I am here to serve the world and inspire as many people as possible.’

Lady Gaga has shared a message of inspiration on a towering new Chromatica billboard in Los Angeles.

The signed essay, which appears on the side of a building in the city, takes Little Monsters through the difficult journey the singer embarked on to arrive at her sixth studio album.

“I wrote this album when I was sad. I wrote this album when I was mad. I wrote poems about fear, and I asked my poems to sing. I heard sines from above I’ve never heard before – to keep going, to keep breathing, to know each lyric was a step forward, each melody was a gift,” it begins.

Chromatica was a dream I had that became real. My art always teaches me something. Chromatica taught me to dance my way through the pain,” she continues. “That the pain could get better, that music was my faith. Music is my religion. People are my god. I am here to serve the world and inspire as many people as possible to rejoice no matter what the circumstances are.”

The album, which chronicles the dark period Gaga went through on her way to finding light again, has served as inspiration to encourage others to find a light in the world during a difficult time. “We all deserve happiness,” Gaga says. “We are all valuable. Sometimes it just requires patience and fortitude to recognize our own strength. That is Chromatica.”

Gaga recently told American Songwriter magazine that “Fun Tonight” is actually “one of the saddest songs on the album,” because she’s singing it to herself. “I was kind of incapable at certain moments of being happy for other people when they were having fun. And I would sit with myself and think, ‘I don’t care how many people I see dancing or smiling right now. I cannot have fun,'” she said. “Then after I wrote the record, I listened back to it and I said, ‘I’m singing to myself.'”

Check out a fan-captured image of the billboard below.