Lana Del Rey took to social media on Thursday night (Dec. 26) to share some rough post-holiday news: her family was robbed over the Christmas week.

“Hoping everyone had a great holiday — wanted to make a quick announcement. This week, family mementos including my [sister’s] entire retrospective were taken,” the pop star wrote in a Notes app screenshot posted to Twitter. “I’d love to encourage whoever took it to please consider sending any of the scans of her previous work back to us for a no questions asked reward. The work we lost can’t be reproduced and exists nowhere but where it was. Thanks so much[,] Lana.”

A well-known photographer, Del Rey’s younger sister Chuck Grant has photographed the star a multitude of times throughout her career — with Grant’s work being used to promote each of her sibling’s albums — from early projects under the stage names Lizzy Grant and Lana Del Ray all the way up to 2019’s Grammy-nominated Norman F–king Rockwell.

Read Del Rey’s note below.

Via: Billboard