Lil Nas X Becomes a Rabid Vampire in ‘The Matrix’-Inspired ‘Rodeo’ Video Featuring Nas: Watch

LNX also clarified why Cardi B isn’t in the new video.

Lil Nas X’s “Rodeo” video is here. Instead of featuring Cardi B, who appeared on the track’s original version, Nas X elected to connect with rap legend Nas for the visual on Thursday (Feb. 6). Big Nas dropped a verse for the remix, which was debuted with a performance at the Grammy Awards last month.

The 20-year-old picks up the phone to a threatening phone call about playing a game. He’s then bitten on the neck by a vampire, and his features begin to evolve, as he stumbles under a full moon in a scene out of Teen Wolf. Nas X trots over to a pharmacy, which includes some Doritos product placement, which makes sense considering he just starred in their Super Bowl commercial.

With red demon eyes and pointy ears, Lil Nas links up with the OG Nas, who gives his best Blade impression. Nas X is then thrown into the matrix, as he decides to go with the red pill, which successfully unlocks his superpowers to save the day and avoid complete disaster.

“I thought it would be its own moment for hip-hop,” Lil Nas previously told Billboard of the remix. “Just to have that whole [idea] of ‘Nas doesn’t like Lil Nas’ perish. It was dope of him to hop on the song. The best advice he told me was to ‘Keep your foot on their necks.'”

Nas X also took to Twitter to confirm that Cardi B simply couldn’t make the video shoot due to timing issues. “I didn’t ‘kick’ Cardi off of rodeo. she couldn’t do the video. we cool tho,” he wrote.

Watch the video below.

Via: Billboard