Editorial Credit: Ben Houdijk / Shutterstock.com


Since Lizzo hit the scene, it’s been known that she loves herself, her body and encourages everyone to do the same. However, this body positivity movement— designed for fat women, especially fat women of color, to challenge conventional standards of beauty and empower themselves— has hit mainstream success, but not in the ways it counts.

In a response to a fan saying, “I really don’t understand why I can’t just exist in my body,” Lizzo expressed, “because now the body positivity movement has been co-opted by ‘all bodies.'” With a wave of people celebrating smaller bodies, Lizzo, like many, are tired and frustrated. “Fat people are still getting the short end of this movement,” she explained.

“We’re still getting s*** on. We’re still getting talked about, meme’d, shamed and no one cares anymore because it’s like ‘body positivity is for everybody.’ Yes, please be positive about your body. Please use our movement to empower yourself; that’s the point,” she continues. However, the overall issue is that “the people who created this movement, big women, big brown and Black women, queer women are not benefitting from the mainstream success of it.”


The “Good as Hell” singer simply asks for everyone to “keep that same energy” when it comes to those who are policing and shaming the people who created the body positivity movement. View her full response above.