Ryan Saradjola

Louis Tomlinson Unveils ‘Walls’ Album Track List

Louis Tomlinson’s debut solo album is on its way, and with just weeks to go the former One Direction member is revealing its track list.

The singer had a mural painted by artist Jay Kaes for the announcement on Saturday (Jan. 11).

“This is so sick ! Thanks so much @jaycaes for doing this, and to all of you for watching on the stream. Walls is coming 31st Jan,” Tomlinson wrote on Instagram, where he shared a full look at the mural.

Once the mural was up, he also posted a clip featuring just the 12 song titles on his Twitter page.

See his social media updates about the track list’s unveiling and the complete list of songs below. Walls is set to be released on Jan. 31.

Louis Tomlinson’s Walls Track List:

  1. “Kill My Mind”
  2. “Don’t Let It Break Your Heart”
  3. “Two Of Us”
  4. “We Made It”
  5. “Too Young”
  6. “Walls”
  7. “Habit”
  8. “Always You”
  9. “Fearless”
  10. “Perfect Now”
  11. “Defenceless”
  12. “Only the Brave”

Via: Billboard