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Machine Gun Kelly is adding some bloody new ink to his body.

Taking to Instagram on Tuesday, the “Bloody Valentine” rapper revealed his latest tattoo of a red slash that goes down his throat and over his Adam’s apple. “bye bye neck,” he captioned the pics.

He also shared video of himself going under the needle. “If anyone ever liked my neck, it’s gonna look different,” warned MGK, who will celebrate his 31st birthday on Thursday (April 22).

The post received over 1 million likes from fans, who thought the slit was real. “Thought that was a legit slice in ur neck,” wrote one, while another added, “I almost had a heart attack thinking it was a real scar.”

The jarring new tat sits above a tattoo with the name of his latest album, Tickets to My Downfall. His body is covered in other tats including one that says North 71, representing the interstate in his hometown of Cleveland, while his back is inked with Salvador Dali’s masterpiece, The Temptation of St. Anthony.

MGK’s bloody fixation continues. Back in February, he showed off an orb necklace appearing to contain a drop of his girlfriend Megan Fox’s blood.

The Late-Night Ink of Machine Gun Kelly | Tattoo Tour | GQ
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