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Madonna is still checking off firsts at age 62! The iconic singer took to Instagram on Monday to reveal that she’s gotten her first tattoo.

Madonna trusted tattoo artist East at West Hollywood’s Shamrock Social Club with the job. On his Instagram Story, East shared Madonna’s post, calling her “The Queen of Pop.”

In pics from her outing, Madonna, who wore a mask, discussed her tattoo with East and held hands with a friend while getting the ink. She also shared shots of the tattoo studio.

The final product appeared on Madonna’s wrist and featured a sweet tribute to her kids. The ink read simply, “LRDMSE,” the first letter of each of her kids’ names. Madonna is mom to Lourdes, 24, Rocco, 20, David, 15, Mercy, 14, Stelle, 8, and Estere, 8.

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