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Maroon 5 Announces New Album ‘Jordi’ in Tribute to Late Manager

Adam Levine told Ellen DeGeneres on Thursday (April 29) that there was no better way to pay tribute to their late manager Jordan Feldstein than to name their seventh album after him.

Maroon 5 have announced their seventh album Jordi.

Adam Levine told Ellen DeGeneres on Thursday (April 29) that it was only natural to pay tribute to the band’s late, longtime manager. “[It’s] named after our late, great, fabulous amazing ex-manager, who passed away a few years ago, sadly,” Levine said of Jordan Feldstein, who died at age 40 in 2017 of a pulmonary embolism.

“And so we thought there was no better tribute than to name the album after our boy,” said Levine, who revealed the news on the same day the band announced that the album will drop on June 11.

The collection will feature their Megan Thee Stallion collab “Beautiful Mistakes.” To hype the album’s release, the band also teased an coming virtual performance, “American Express UNSTAGED With Maroon 5” on June 4, which will feature music from the new album.

Jordi was executive produced by J Kash and will also feature the singles “Nobody’s Love” and 2019 single “Memories,” the latter of which was also an homage to Feldstein.

Levine also chatted with old friend DeGeneres about their long history on her show, how much he loved quarantining at home with his wife and daughters, the painful waxing he had to endure before the long process of getting his new full left-leg tattoo and his final word on frenemy Blake Shelton’s upcoming wedding to Gwen Stefani.

“I’ll go to the wedding and I’ll object,” Levine joked about how much he’s missed making fun of Blake on The Voice and how he likely got un-invited by admitting that he plans to ruin the couple’s special day. “I will probably not be invited now, but I’m saying this on live television.” Instead, he said he’ll probably just crash with DeGeneres as his date. The host also showed a very funny re-edit of her many appearances in M5’s three-billion-view-and-counting “Girls Like You” video.

The band also performed “Beautiful Mistakes” for Ellen.

Check out the album announcement and Ellen clips below.