Editorial Credit: shutterstock.com/Denis Makarenko

Matthew McConaughey’s Mother Thinks He and Woody Harrelson Might Be Brothers

There’s been talk recently that Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson could actually be brothers. And it turns out that talk was started by Matthew’s own mother, Kay.

Matthew says, quote, “We’re all sitting around in Greece one night talking and my mom out of nowhere in a little pause goes, ‘Oh, I knew your dad, Woody.'”

“And she goes, ‘Just saying, we might have frequented the same similar place out in West Texas one time when he was on furlough.'”

He added, quote, “And we all went, ‘What? . . . Now we gotta go do some DNA tests.'”

Apparently, Kay was separated from Matthew’s dad right around the time she “knew” Woody’s father. So . . .