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Megan Fox Was Hiding Her Killer Britney Spears Impression This Whole Time

Megan Fox sis’d down with Kelly Clarkson on the singer’s syndicated talk show on Thursday (May 6), geeking out over their mutual love of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Michelangelo, of course), the difficulties of Zoom schooling their kids, and dorking out over X-Men and Harry Potter (Gryffindor, obviously).

The ‘Til Death star also bonded with Kelly over their mutual fear of flying, with Fox recalling that for a period she was flying back and forth from New York to Los Angeles twice a week and fearing that she was testing the limits of statistical safety in the air. “That’s where the fear came from … yeah, if you fly twice a year you’re good,” she said. “But not if you’re flying, like, twice a week.”

What was her solution? She would throw on certain music that she was certain she wasn’t going to die to. “For me, that was Britney Spears,” said Fox as Clarkson laughed at the actress’ simple fix to a complex problem. “Like the archives, like from when I was young.” That meant Spears’ 2000 smash Oops!… I Did It Again, which Kelly agreed would not be the last sound that you will ever hear.

And then Fox busted out her very decent Britney impression, kewpie crooning a bit of 2001’s “I’m Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman.” She explained, “That’s not the soundtrack to my death. So that always made me feel better. But also, you’re not like gonna meet God on a …” and then she did it again, breaking into a bit of the chorus from “Oops,” which was also pretty spot on.

The story had Clarkson laughing so hard she was crying as Fox suggested a few other potential life-saving tunes, such as anything by the Backstreet Boys or the Weather Girls’ “It’s Raining Men,” which she also sang a bit of. “Ain’t nobody dying to that song,” Fox said. “Never have, never will.” Do not, she warned, however, ever play Kansas’ “Dust in the Wind” on a plane.

Watch the interview below. Fox’s Britney impression starts at 4:21.