Michael Bublé’s Biggest Fans Are Gorillas & Yes, There’s Video Evidence

Michael Bublé’s voice feels like a force of nature and actually calls out to some of nature’s most glorious creatures: gorillas. The primates have become the singer’s biggest fans (quite literally) since the zoo has been playing his music for them. In his recent visit to Werribee Open Range Zoo in Victoria, Australia, Bublé got to come face to face with his fans.

“You better watch out/ You better not cry/ You better not pout/ I’m telling you why/ Michael Bublé is coming to your town,” the “Santa Claus Is Coming to Town” singer crooned, playing off his No. 1 Billboard 200 Christmas album, which is the primates’ favorite from his body of work, according to what Bublé was told.

“Apparently when they go to bed at night, sometimes they play them my Christmas music,” Bublé happily noted. “And so I was singing to them, and I had no idea what would happen. And it was amazing, their reaction was amazing. They’re just so aware of everything and understanding.”

The three gorillas — Ganyeka, Yakini and Motaban — can be seen crouching comfortably while listening to the soothing sound of his voice, and their keeper Ben Gulli explained why that is.

“So when we play Michael Bublé’s CDs, the boys will instantly start pleasure grumbling and sit nice and calm and relaxed,” Gulli said. “Our theory is it’s the beautiful, low tones that he sings, which kind of mimics their pleasure grumble. And they’ve even been shown to hum little food songs when they’re eating. We think he must really resonate with that sound.”

Watch Bublé perform a private concert for the Werribee Open Range Zoo gorillas below.

Via: Billboard