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Michael Jackson’s Chimp Bubbles Turned 40 . . . and the Theme for His Party Was “Bubbles”

Do you remember how Michael Jackson had that pet chimpanzee back in the ’80s named Bubbles? Well, he just celebrated his 40th birthday.

Bubbles is living at a “retirement home” in Florida called the Center for Great Apes. And they just threw a massive birthday party for him.

There was a cake that was frosted with mashed bananas, and they wrote his name in blueberries. The theme was . . . well . . . BUBBLES. They had an actual bubble bath, and paper bubbles as decorations.

Bubbles even got PRESENTS, like a blanket with his photos on it. The staff entertained him with DVDs of Michael, which may seem triggering . . . but they say he loves watching them, and remembers him.

Michael bought Bubbles as an infant in 1983 from a Texas research facility, but within six years, he became too big to keep as a pet, and was moved to a ranch in California. He’s been at the retirement home since 2005.