Miley Cyrus performs during the 2020 MTV Video Music Awards, broadcast on Aug. 30, 2020.

Miley Cyrus’ Disco Truck is on the loose! Hop Aboard!

She’s also got some limited, revved-up “Midnight Sky” merch.

If you see a glowing, thumping truck driving around Los Angeles full of mirror balls, hop aboard. Miley Cyrus posted an image of her “Midnight Sky” rolling disco on Monday night (Aug. 31), in which she’s singing her latest single while straddling a giant glittering orb, surrounded by dozens of smaller ones with the invitation to “Come ride my (disco) balls!”

Cyrus, of course, rode one of said balls at Sunday night’s 2020 MTV Video Music Awards, where she swung in a dark void atop a disco ball while singing “Midnight Sky” in a throwback homage to her “Wrecking Ball” days. The invitation drew dozens of responses from the Miley Nation, with fans begging for a location as they posted the sparkly outfits they’d prepared for the special occasion while begging the singer to bring her rolling boogie wonderland to their town.

Cyrus also posted some provocative pics from backstage at the VMAs, in which she’s wearing a glittery g-string and tank top and nothing else and unveiled a new, limited-edition merch line in collaboration with MadeWorn and Harley Davidson. The six shirts feature Miley’s name and “Midnight Sky” in the HD logo, as well as a cartoon image of her inside a disco ball and several other patterns, with only 50 of each $100 item available for purchase.

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