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Ummm, did you know Miley Cyrus had a cameo in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2? Well she did, it was short and sweet, but it happened.

And like many revelations these days, we have Twitter to thank for bringing this to light. After the fan page @MileyUpdates tweeted, “Who remembers Miley voicing ‘Mainframe’ in ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy 2’?,” both the film’s director James Gunn and Cyrus responded. Gunn with “Me. Cc @MileyCyrus,” while the “Midnight Sky” songstress replied “I miss u guys so much” with a robot emoji., Which also happens to be her one and only line in the film.

Obviously this got some fans excited about another possible cameo in the forthcoming third film, and left others reeling about not knowing she was featured in the sequel to begin with. Personally once we knew, we straight up spiraled about how we could miss such a thing. However, with five different credits and post-credits scenes, it’s no surprise Miley’s secret cameo was missed by many.

If you’re one of the possibly 10 people on Earth that hasn’t seen the movie yet, you might want to stop here, otherwise please proceed. Star-Lord’s surrogate father Yondu sacrificed himself, and given a typical Ravagers funeral with a huge crowd in attendance. Among which was Stakar Ogord portrayed by Sylvester Stallone, Aleta Ogord, Martinex, Charlie-27, and Miley as Mainframe, a disembodied robot head.

Later in one of those aforementioned credit scenes, Stakar with his misfit band of Ravagers, is seen saying, “You know, it’s a shame that it took the tragedy of losing Yondu to bring us all together again, but I think he would be proud knowing we’re back as a team.”

Everyone has their turn at a response, including Miley’s Mainframe expressing joy over no longer feeling the teams absence. Check out the scene below. (Careful… LANGUAGE!)